Why every home should have a perfect kitchen

A recent study has shown that the kitchen is the undisputed deal maker or breaker for potential buyers, it is also the heart of every home.

Ask yourself how your kitchen performed this Christmas; Overworked and underloved? Kitchens are no longer just the workhorse room of old.

Our kitchens are a whole new beast. More beautiful princesses than scullery maids. All singing, all dancing showpieces that bring you year round pleasure.

And this is perhaps the biggest surprise of all. A state of the art bespoke and handmade kitchen can add anywhere between 5-8% to your houses value!

However, beware, is a chipboard carcase with a fancy door on it really going to add 5-8% of course not.  Be sure when buying a kitchen, that it really is worthy of that house price increase. The cabinets should be built from Birch, not chipboard or mdf. The doors should be solid timber handmade with mortice and tennon joints. The finish should be suitable for years of child abuse, oil spillages, cleaning fluids and the like.

Think about it this way, a chipboard and melamine kitchen with gloss white doors may cost you upwards of £8,000. And yes it will look nice (short term) will not add any value to your home. However a hand built kitchen well designed, ergonomic, built to last a lifetime, modern yet focused. A great place to cook, relax and socialise will add huge value as well as improve your standard of home life.

People seem to be coming around to this idea more and more these days, with kitchens selling for up to £150,000, it seems that the kitchen is now a room to be celebrated.

Research by Hamptons international shows that the kitchen is the room which makes or breaks a decision to buy a house. A staggering 50% admit that if the kitchen leaves them cold, the deal is off.

Obviously kitchens are not cheap, but you need to consider how much time we now spend in this part of the house. We cook, eat, socialise, the kids do homework and grownups sit at their laptops. If you incorporate all of this around a beautiful area to prep and cook food, you can start to see why the kitchen has such a value to a home.