First blog on our new website

Hello all, as many of our old clients know by now, W.Spencer interiors was previously known as Arpino cabinet makers when we were based in Holsworthy Devon. Whilst here we had 6 fantastic years and made some amazing items for some equally amazing clients, who thankfully put their trust in a new company.

In the past year, we have moved to the beautiful city of Truro in Cornwall, and with this move we vow to aim higher than ever to provide the highest standards of service and quality to our clients. We also decided to re brand as W.Spencer interiors, the reason for this was simple. 17 years ago a very special man called William Spencer, my grandfather took me into his garage and handed me a piece of wood and a hand saw, he then proceeded to spend the rest of his life teaching and sharing his extraordinary knowledge and love for woodworking whilst I enviously looked on and learnt.

Without him this business would be nothing more than a dream, so that is why I proudly display his name for all to see.

All that remains is to thank all of our old clients for allowing this dream to become a reality and we look forward to welcoming more of you to share in what we can do for you.