Our Philosophy

During the first contact with our clients, often one of the first tasks is to discuss how we can maximise the given space.

Style, design and of course functionality are key, and as no two homes are the same, everything we do is as bespoke as your ideas.


Here at W.Spencer interiors, we don’t see a kitchen as purely a room in which you cook any more.

More and more the kitchen is becoming the main focal point of a home, with many families cooking, eating, socialising, entertaining, and relaxing in thier kitchens.

So with this in mind, why should a kitchen just consist of a room with off the shelf base and wall cabinets fitted around two or three walls? Isn’t it time we did something different?

Many people also believe you can only have a beautiful kitchen if you have a large area to work with. This is not true, even the smallest Galley kitchen can be turned into a thing of beauty using some forward thinking, clever design and the use of some stunning and unusual materials.


At the core of W.Spencer interiors, we are cabinet makers, specialists in freestanding furniture, we feel this gives us the edge when carrying out larger projects, such as kitchens, studies, bathrooms and large replica pieces. Why cant a kitchen be seen as a series of pieces of beautiful furniture rather than just a row of cabinets?

The same can be said of our studies, why does a desk have to look like a desk? Can’t it be a curvacious bold design statement that wraps around you giving a sense of safety and power? Of course it can, after all the happier you are in your work environment the more fulfilling your work will be.

We believe your bathroom should have a his and hers area, who said you have to share your space and fight to find room for your products. After all men and women rarely have the same needs from a bathroom suite.

If you are after something beautifully made and as unique as you are then why not see what we can design with you.