Walnut and Maple Library

This bespoke library was the culmination of alot of time and effort to get just right, built for some clients in the Carlyon bay area. They were having a new build commissioned that overlooked the stunning St Austell bay.

When first approached about this project the house was still yet to be built. The clients had several renderings and designs drawn up by local companies, but the designs were all so boring and traditional library, the sort of thing you could buy from any mass producer of furniture. I believed that the clients and the stunning house deserved better, something unique but at the same time hinting at the traditional, after all it still needs to be a relaxing place to sit and read.

When the clients showed me two beautiful old Chocolate brown leather Ottoman sofas that were to be situated in the centre of the library, I recommended that it be built from Walnut to compliment the sofas. But to add interest and detail, not to mention a hint at the contemporary, we added Maple piping, a complete contrast in colour, but one that works so well. Then to add even more detail, we decided to put a single height drawer under every cabinet around the entire room and veneer the fronts with the most sublime Italian Burr Walnut.

As a final finishing touch, we added a curved breakfront cabinet in the centre of each long run of cabinets which gives a lovely natural break in the lines and  a stunning visual curved drawer too.

The overall effect is a wall to wall library without a single join in sight, it looks as though it grew there.