An insight into our private commissions

I have always been fascinated with how people interact with a bespoke piece of furniture. Meeting with my clients and learning about how a specific item can improve their lives is inspirational.

Bespoke, or Private Commissions  have always been the key focus of W.Spencer interiors. Over the last few years we have grown to include Private Yachts and Trade clients. We showcase one-off pieces as examples of what can be achieved whilst still using hand made skills. It is a perfect place to meet clients to discuss briefs and sketch ideas together.

We generally come across two main types of commission enquiries; commissions that are based on an existing piece of furniture or design and commissions that are fully bespoke and start from a blank canvas. In both cases, we meet the clients to discuss the initial brief and design work commences following the meeting. When possible and if it is relevant, we carry out site visits and start the design work which could take around 2-6 weeks depending on the complexity of the project and our schedule. Designs are then shared with the client for feedback and revisions are carried out until we have a design that the end client is fully satisfied with. A quotation at this point is provided and upon agreement on the price, the technical drawing stage begins.