Case study of a bespoke kitchen commission

This large area, comprises of a beautiful kitchen with a feature island, drinks bar, coffee bar and two hidden pivot doors that when shut, look like wall panelling. Beyond that is a large bespoke dining table with a stone top. Then beyond that, is a communal living area with a gorgeous wrap around sofa and large 5 meter long bespoke wall mounted tv and media unit, made to match the kitchen, with details of Brass.

This project was a step away from the norm for us here because we did not build the kitchen cabinets and doors on this project. The client sourced the carcassing from a local kitchen supplier called ‘Hinged’. The material is called Rifflan Oak and is a pre finished MFC board that is very easy to maintain and is unique in it’s colouring and detail.

Dean of ‘Hinged’,  a supplier of contract kitchens, came to us to see if we would be prepared to fit this kitchen on his behalf. The reason for this was due to the complexity of the installation process, as well as the need for a fitting team with a fully equipt workshop, due to the sheer amount of ‘bespoke’ works that needed to be incorporated within the pre fabricated carcassing.

Dean went through the plans with us, the design included two large openings that required pivot doors that when shut, looked like the kitchen wall panelling for a seamless look.. There were no plans on paper for this so it was a case of working it out as we built the kitchen. We very much enjoyed this aspect, as bespoke cabinet makers, we thrive in building unique and difficult things, to have a fluid design and seeing how it evolves is so satisfying, but not without its challenges. We had custom hinges made to our own designs, we made custom doors in our workshop and built complex angled walls on site. We also built a drop down headlining, hidden utility space and a butlers pantry, all extra details that we included into the initial design, turning this kitchen into a truly unique piece synonymous with W.Spencer interiors.

The new kitchen was also designed with a Butlers pantry, which lead to the clients existing kitchen, which they kept as a ‘working’ kitchen, as well as access to the conservatory. All we had to work from was an artists impression of how the finished article needed to look, this is where our bespoke knowledge really came to the fore, building from the ground up, we made a small Butlers pantry, hidden behind a ‘2’ way pivot full height door, which when shut, looked like full height wall panelling.

We did the same with the access into the conservatory, we built a small cloakroom behind the coffee station, completely hidden from view, we then built an entire framework to carry a second ‘2’ way pivot door into the conservatory.

The large island was the next challenge, over 4 meters long and almost 3 meters at it’s widest, it houses a multitude of appliances as well as being split height. To make it even more complex, the stone was to be mitred to look like it was 200mm thick. We built a solid 4×2 timber framework which was cantilevered to allow for the seating overhang. The base carcassing has many varied angles and also has a solid brass plinth as well as brass rail details. Complex but well worth the effort.

If you are a kitchen designer or supplier that needs a highly skilled team to bring your designs to life, get in touch to see how we can assist you.