Cigar humidors & watch boxes

Few things say luxury and elegance more than a beautiful bespoke box that is tailored to your own taste, style and needs. Are you a cigar lover? Or a Collector or rare Cuban and new world smokes? Keep your valuable sticks in a custom made Humidor. All our humidors are lined internally with Spanish Cedar, not thin veneer but solid timber, this is a time honoured method of preserving cigars, the cedar acts as a natural barrier against mould, moisture and moth attack, it also smells wonderful and accents the aroma of your favourite cigars. The humidors have a removable Cedar slotted shelf at the base, this allows space for your humidification packs and keeps them out of sight. Within the lid its a top spec Hydrogometer, this can be analogue or digital depending on your preference.

Perhaps you collect or own a beautiful watch or two? We make our watch boxes in the same manner as our cigar boxes, custom in every detail, right down to the bespoke watch rolls, leather, suede Alcantara, the choice is yours.

These boxes are true heirloom items.